Saturday, November 4, 2023

Night fright

 A nice cool halloween moring for a ride, my light setup is still lacking my bright magicshine but I got enough lumen to get the job done between a 900 lumen on the bars and 700 on the helmet. I was done with my climb up Saguaro and was making my way onto twisted sister when I felt an impact to my belly, it was a nighthawk! Scared the heck out of me since I never saw it but felt it, in that instant I knew it was a bird as I felt the wings and push of air as it took off me, no harm done luckily I stayed on the trail! Then later on I got hit by another one! I could not believe my luck, again, never got to see it coming but sure felt it, this time on the chest, again lucky I kept it together and onwards we went. The mornings are quite dark now, I am enjoying them more now that it's 70F instead of 100F.

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