Monday, October 30, 2023

Mind on a different ride

Alot has been troubling me lately, the rides lately are more distracting than entertaining, one sure thing, the day is definitely better with a ride. With that sad my mind was especially wandering while I needed to be focusing. Well 40 minutes in I was descending top of iron goat and got a little off trail in a ravine and went over a huge rock and hit the eject button. I don't think I have ever done that night riding but anyway, it all happened in slow motion and put my hands out and my knee and fore arm took the brunt of the fall. Instantly began quite a blood bath, the pain subsided after a few seconds and annoyed but moved on after I regained my composure. My knee was bleeding quite badly and things hurt but I put myself on the pain train and was not stopping. Now a few days later, it's been unpleasant but nothing I can't deal with, nothing broke, nothing stitched, nothing infected and ready for another ride.

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