Saturday, October 14, 2023

Last CT ride at Case :(

With this being my last planned ride I was super bummed. I had to give the bike up Sunday and despite not leaving until Tuesday it was too complicated to get the bike back to my brother by then. So I opted for case. I awoke to a very wet morning, rain was expected at some point. I began my journey at birch mountian to get in more of that side. It began with a light for a lttle and obviously confusion, my memory is just too rusty and so many new trails. I headed for the tinti area and had a very very very good ride down tinti plus, pickle Rick, delores. It was such a relief to be doing more point and shoot and the trails going down the hill were smooth and such good flow and brand new. I then went up the side of the reservoir and then navigated to smookey and then the shaft. The shaft was my favorite, mostly cuase it requires the least amount of looking a my phone and was a veyr pleasant trail. Then it was some fern trail and then when in loam bushwacking which was sooo overgrown, remidned me of Hale but I was out of time and hit the powerline road for the car. I was feeling the depression of my riding in CT coming to an end especially considering how good the next 3 days of weather was but I tried to control myself.

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