Saturday, October 14, 2023

Utah time baby!

Left AZ at 3am and enjoyed a scenic peaceful ride to Utah, cleaned the ride in just under 10 hours. Got the groceries and settled in as fast as possible and then headed for the trails! I was looking to ride somewhere different so I headed for Provo canyon. Not far from the lower canyon was a set of trails and I got to pedaling. It was a brutal start, steep and twisty, I was so glad i put on the 32x20 for this trip. The canyon was mobbed with leafers but after a few minutes it was mmostly just me. The maples were on fire, I was in and out of meadows and pines and maples. It was a grunt uphill and after about an hour I had to turn around to make the airport in time, I wish I had more time but was happy. Not sure I would ride there aagin but no regrets!

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