Friday, October 20, 2023

AZ...... for now

Man....... it sucks being back in AZ I am not going to lie..... nothing to do but deal with it for now..... My homecoming ride was filled with alot of emotions to say the least. Also rode on a massively swollen paw, I went down hard on the flow rider and I thought I broke it. Had the whole drive home to wonder about life and if I was going to ride on it. I had enough time before LuAnn and Landon got to the airport so off I went to the trail on a few hours sleep and despiration to cope with the conditions. Ibuprofen did a good job numbing it but I was not prepared for the colors when I took my glove off, my goodness! Not exactly sure what I did but a week later it hurts more than it did the day after but I think it's fine.

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