Saturday, October 14, 2023

Third to Fifth water adventure

I woke up to a soggy morning with rain, I was not going to let the forecast stop me form riding on Monday so I had the great idea to go ride the diamond fork area. I hae not been there in awhile but always enjoyed it. I had to pick which water to ride first, I decided on 5th water which meant the uphill would have all the traffic. The trailhead had more people than I expected, mostly instagrammers and van lifers. One guy excused me as I climbed by him, that really got under my skin, his whole vibe wreaked of pacific coast dirt bag. So it was a long climb and the canyon opened up and the views were incredible but the ground started to stick to my tires. The clay got bad enough that I just barely pedaled onto the pavement and it was not a pretty sight. I wanted to continue up the mountain but my time was wearing thin. I took Rays road and the the skies closed in and rain got heavy and I got cold. the rain soon turned to snow and I could see no relief, I began to feel very worried and was getting very cold. The road ride went on what seemed life forever and I had the bright idea that once I started heading down the trail I would get relief. I did reach the trail and the rain let up, but by now my arms and legs and fingers were frozen, I could not modulate my braking but I was going downhill and the rain stopped. The scene going down 5th water was incredible, I wish I could have enjoyed it more as the entire trail was a river and I was drenched and frozen from head to toe. I was now mostly out of the danger zone, when I reached the truck it was almost sunny but I was vertainly not warm, I over filled my adventure for the day and had a messy change of clothes and despite running the heat the entire 40 minute drive home it took a hot shower to get my heat back, that was fun though!

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