Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gila Monster!!!!!

Since finding out they are pretty relaxed about night riding over at Usery I decided I could use some changeup, it turns out it not much more exciting there in the dark but it does just fine. Started off with another rider, good to know other people be out there as usual. I was looking for an hour of trail or 10ish miles. All was smooth until I ran into a cholla field, thought I got away clean until I felt that feeling grappled onto my leg in sharpness. Pretty good size chunk dug in, grabbed a few rocks and off it went, hurt like hell with only minor punctures. I was really surprised how as I began pedaling it felt like it was still stuck in there for a good 10 minutes, hate those stupid things. Onwards and onto the end of the night when I saw something flop on the Moon Rock trail and I caught glimpse of a Gila Monster. I had an advantage with my headlamp and got two good shots as he shot off into the night. Now my 2nd sighting and pretty stoked on that. Finished the ride complete and satisfied.

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