Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Heavy Week

Well...... on Monday I and my son were at a play place, an older boy fell on his arm and I saw my son get up with tears and holding his wrist, I could see immediately by the bend in his wrist his Radius and Ulnar were broken. My heart dropped and I turned into emergency mode, I ran him to the car and to the nearest hospital in a frantic as I helped him keep calm along the way, I was relieved to get to the hospital. After he was admitted I had no idea what we were in for, I have never broken a bone or been near much anyone who has. My son appeared to not be in massive amounts of pain as the hours ticked by, I hate hospitals, I think they're poorly run, but beside the point, after 3 hours they finally put him into drowsy mode and attempted to reset the bone, they failed miserably twice and my son awoke both times letting out the loudest scream I have heard in my entire life, I can't imagine the magnitude of pain they inflicted on him. After 6 hours and still nowhere we went home with a splint and a number to call the orthopedic surgeon the next day. It was a bad night for us but more for him, he barely slept and was in ALOT of pain understandably. Luckily we got an apt the next day on wednesday, the dr said he should be fine without surgery, that his arm may always be slightly bent but completely 100% functional. Our goal was to void surgery so mission accomplished, as long as his bones don't change much in their degree it should mean only a cast for 4-6 weeks. By day 5 of the ordeal he was able to sleep thru the night again without the need for my comfort in his bed. Now he is jumping about as he normally does and we are on the way to recovery. I really didn't picture riding this week but when I knew he could sleep thru the night I wanted to wiggle a night ride out somewhere to relieve some steam. So Friday night I went to San Tan, it was a quiet evening as usual and quite pretty, my mind was very very busy, I found it so distracting that after and hour I was back to the car 30 minutes early.

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