Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Road the Hawes in sketch

Really looking to breathe new life into the trail rides, I have been finding myself desperately seeking a trip to Sedona or Flagstaff. With that option being unrealistic, I had to mix up my normal stuff in the dark. The skies were very active as I rolled into hates for a loop around the Mountain. With lots of lightening on both sides of me I knew a bailout would be an option by hitching a ride off the main rd. It was all so familiar on the way up to Wild Horse, then it got new and exciting. Done it before maybe 5 times but thats a big difference compared to 100s of times. As I crossed the Usery Pass Road I realized I had lighting still nearby but I think I was safe to continue onto the Maricopa Trail. I was getting closer to the easiest part of the ride and had to get thru some sand and a climb before I would reach comfort. Lots of spiders littered around, western desert tarantula's, maybe spotted 5 of them this ride. A slow monsoon beaten ride down Pass Mountain Trail and into the comfy Usery trails and 4 miles of pavement to the car for a fun 20 mile loop! Very much enjoyed this one. Utah next week, plan is for a 4day backpack and a few bike rides if all goes well, look forward to sharing :) and getting back home safely.

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