Monday, January 29, 2018

Gold w new trails Long Horn and Owl Nest

I saw the new Long Horn trail some time ago and meant to put tires down on it, left it for another day. On Thursday it was time for action, I headed for Gold Canyon and into the quiet trails I went. LOVE that about this spot, always quiet, rarely see another person and that's the way I like it. I made it out to Long Horn on a fast route, the trail was powdery with horse traffic, not great conditions but it's a new trail so it needs to go thru the paces of rain and riders. It turns out to be a good little trail, short with only .5 miles. At the top I missed the next new trail Owl's Nest. I dropped down the wrong trail and then realized and went back up to find it. That trail skirted the ridge in a scenic nice way, enjoyed that thoroughly. Look forward to those trails getting worn in and adding it to the extensive network.

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