Monday, January 1, 2018

Tucson Ride

Happily my In Laws came to town and off me and LuAnn went to Tucson. Had my bike in tow for a morning ride and was pretty dang excited about it! When the morning did come I started right at enough light to not need my headlamp, I was good with that. I heeded into Starr Pass area and having been there once last year it sure was going to help with the navigating. I headed for the Pass on bumpy trail that turned into awesome as I remembers as it wrapped around the back of the Mountain and headed for the Pass. It was as fun as I remembered flying down and picked up Fifth Avenue, that was a new one for me. Then the plan was to make another loop on the other end of the ride and so I did. A nice climb and some technical and beautiful scenery was quite good! Feeling fine but filled my cup and a quiet week of riding but my goal is only one ride away!

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