Thursday, January 25, 2018

Special Ride with Jisch

Word on the street John Isch was coming to town. A long time old riding buddy, logged many memorable CT rides with a his group and others some time ago when I use to live in CT. Not a close friend or anything but I was really excited to hear he was coming to town and wanted to ride. We were set for a Sunday ride, not a day I ever ride but this was a special occasion. After 5 years we met at my house and headed over to Gold Canyon to show him the place. It was a beautiful morning as usual and my mind and body were all good, my mind especially was in a good place on this ride for some reason. John was hot on my tail but I just rode everything at a cozy pace, I know he can ride pretty quick but I was in no hurry and I didn't want him to be either. We had a good serving of trail, very much enjoyed that morning ride. He hit a lot of the features first go around and reminded me how dialed CT riders in that group were. After we got back to my house we parted ways, he offered me a bike if I ever make it back into town and I plan on taking him up on that hopefully this year!

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