Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back Home!

The Utah trip was fantastic, I arrived without my bike although I could ahve actually brought it and gotten a few rides before the weather moved in kind ofbummed me out but not having my bike made me chill alot more. I found myself freezing my butt of while I was there anyway. We had a very good trip and after 7 days I was more than everyone else ready to come home. I drove home Sunday and was in the valley and with lots to do before the family flew in the next day I was home for 10 minutes after 10 hours in the car and was back drving on a fw hours of sleep with my bike to the trailhead of Hawes in excitement. It's always good to spend time off the bike, I am just not good at it until I am forced :) IT was cool for AZ but coming from Utah it felt great with no clouds and 50F the transition from Utah winter 19F to Desert temperature felt weird but good! It was a great ride on a fresh legs for familiar trails, good to be home for once!

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