Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Trails! Scorpion Alley and Stinger

I heard more trails were coming to Usery, after riding the new addition a few weeks ago scorpion I was excited for more. After eyeing peoples ride on strava Sunday I could see they were riding somehting different. Not sure where to get the latest news on the MTB interwebs but I quickly made plans to find my way to them on Monday. By Monday it was up on trailforks and I could see clearly what I was after, Scorpion alley and stinger. Only 2 miles of trail but new trail with new loop options! I have been loving the backside of Usery quite a bit recently and for good reason. I set off and put together a nice loop with all the goods, the news trails were great and pretty standard easy XC and look forward to them for future rides!

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