Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Battle rages on but a ride happens

Ok so by Wednesday my boy came down with a serious cough, one that has him waking every single half hour of the night, Averaging 3 hours of sleep a day from Wed-Sat was brutal, his cough was downright scary, many bloody noses, a few vomits from how bad the cough really was. Nothing to do but wait it out and miss rides was fine. My Mother in law just happened to come to town Friday so some extra help was going to be real nice, my wife currently under extreme hardship at school with exams has been beat down enough already alongside me. Soooo after anther 2-3 hours of sleep I left coughing Landon with Grandma and off I went with mixed emotions. I finally kicked msot my cold I myself was going through and as I rolled up to Hawes it was packed. The ride was complicated, I was an angry single speeder, I had no love for the other trail users and it wasn't cool of me, I planned my route accordingly and halfway thru the ride I began to enjoy it. I would have kept riding but I was due home for a lunch date with my wife and friends after her HUGE test. Very happy to get the miles that day, Sunday/Monday plan is for Tucson, last night poor Luann came down with 103F fever, shes got Landons illness and Landon is till coughing uncontrolably so who knows what Monday will bring. I will await with my bike for further instuction.

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