Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nassahegon Blast

Thursday I was feeling brave and ventured up to Nassagegon. I have rode here twice before and really enjoyed it. This time I was happily armed with a trail map and ready to rock. I have really been enjoying CT, the change in scenery and weather is soooooo welcomed. It was yet another rain free day which was quite lucky I might add, I had a few trails in mind and was going on the fly. Turns out the trail choices were super sweet, I linked one fantastic single track after another, these were Mountain biker built trails for sure and was very very thankful for trail signs and easy navigating. I can't believe how little miles it takes me in 2 hours on CT trails. I left Nassahegon fully satisfied by the time I was back to the car, so much more to ride there when I get the next chance.

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