Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sweet sweet Naugutuck State Forest!

So I rolled into town by noon and gave my parents a quick hello and off into the woods I went to get a ride fix in. Feeling a little guilty but extremely anxious from the trip I was off to Naugutuck to explore the closest trails from my parents to save time. I had a trail map on trailforks and was happy to have something to go by. I was very very pleased as the trail began to climb along pristine CT single track on a warm spring day. The ground was a little soft from a few very wet days of rain the days before but not enough to leave a tread but enough to rob a singlespeeders progress. I rode around the preserve with some trails in mind, luckily not alot to choose from but got distracted by unmarked trails. With the two hour void filled I very very happily went home to shower and spend some great time with my family.

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