Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Banger Monday at Cave Creek

Me and my wife went to Cave Creek for the weekend, a place an hour from the house that I really like going to, if we have to stay in the valley that is. With trail right from the place we were staying, this time I was rewarded by bringing my bike and had a ride planned. After looking around trailforks I found users that were doing a 23ish mile loop that seemed awesome. So I awoke early and after just 2 minutes of pedaling I was on a narrow strip of trail alongside the road on the cave creek town trail leading me into the park. After 20 minutes I missed the tracks cue to exit the trail before it entered in and out of a wash, instead of heading back I opted for the wash since I was able to pedal most of it but it was just slower going. When I soon entered the park I was excited, things were going good and I had lots of unexpected ahead of me. The trail was named spur cross and was blue and with trailforks I kind of knew what to eexpect. It started off as a road and then climbed nicely onto singletrack and spectacular views! I was very very much enjoying this! After a healthy climb I was ready for a ride down, it was good but short as it went flattish for a bit and then down some more on mixed chunk and smooth. The re route of part of the trail was meh as I continued but hey it was a temporary re route. As I made my was to Go John the trail began to tame itself and became a happy climbing trail again. I was tempted to stay on Go John but my route had me take Overton so onto overton I went climbing nicely on very cozy trail that reminded me of San Tan Dynamite trail. The descent down Overton was smile inducing, so smooth and so fast! I wanted much more of that for sure but I lost all my vert and now had to get some back by getting on Jasper which quickly had me climbing on Go John. I really wanted to just do a loop on Go John but I didn't have the time but I had plenty of legs! Then onto Quartz where I went up still and then a nice easy DH and onto Slate and I had just a little more dirt before a mile of pavement to the resort. I really really enjoyed this morning, extremely refreshing to be feeling good and getting on great new trails, can't wait to get back!

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