Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sept 11

Always a heavy day remembering the ones we lost and suffered on that tragic day on September 11th, my head was busy but ready to pedal. Soooo I went out to Fountain Hills to go for a ride and then stop by a shop that had a bike I wanted to checkout. I went for a nice cushy ride at Mcdowell and then it was off to the bike shop. I had no intention of going home with it but wanted to feel out the size of the bike, I was right, I do like the 2020 specialized fuse in size L. I wish I could of demoed the bike ofcourse but they don't have any for demo or rent unsurprisingly. I am still so torn after saving for the last 2 years for a new bike but still hesitant on that I don't really "need" a new bike. I am so madly in love with my supefly that I feel like as long as I don't crack the frame it's with me forever. Also I really want to put dirt on the next bike before I buy but no one does demos really much anymore of the bike or size I ever want. The idea is still on the table but I a not rushing into it. The fuse is heavy, but removing gears, dropper and adding carbon fork would really put it in my area :)

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