Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lovely BIke

Quite a few ideas running through my head lately, I threw a leg over the new Specialized Fuse and really liked it. Since they now run 29er and can be SS I am seriously considering one. Next week I will find the exact one I want and hopefully I do or do not go home with one, I wish I knew the right choice. If I did, the dropper comes off, the gears come off, and that fron shock too. That should lighten and liven it up for me. So it has me thinking ALOT about how much I ve my superfly and will never let it go! This ride was so standard but as usual enjoyable. Me and this bike got soemthing like 4 years and 15,000 miles together, thats a long time, same headset,BB,fork,cranks must be some kind of record for bearing life for sure!

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