Monday, January 13, 2020

Doing more with less

It was Friday and I was feeling srong for some reason. I had lots of loops in my head, the first plan was to head down twisted sister and maybe around Hawes. That was going very well and as I met up with Wild Horse I began to have the idea of going up and over the mountain. After a few hiker groups I went up High noon, something I have only donw once since it flows much better the other way but it was a good change in the action. Then it was go time, to head for Usery or head up the mountain, I chose mountain. At the juction for the way up the mountain there were two bikers stopped, I went passed them on my way and was shocked they were taking the same route as me. It was a sloid climb to the top I made it all the way to the switchbacks so I was not only feeling strong I may have actually been. I rode all the sketch and committed to not walking any of it except the tricky uphills. I found myelf at the top of Hawes with vast 360 degree views and loving it. I dropped into Gidro and then lower Gidro and it was all over too quick but very very good stuff!

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