Sunday, April 4, 2021

3 ridges

Tuesday I set off with the idea of all three ridges. Alot got done on RMR and it's almost complete, this wekeend it's now open. Anyway it was a nice go down it, I still can't decide if I like it more or less than the other new trails but this was going to be a good test. After RMR I had a pedal back up, legs not as speedy as expected but strong none the less. I was following horse hoofs and poop and hoped I wouldn't run into the geniuses. Sure enough I saw them on the Iron Goat DH and couldnt wait. I thought I could beat them to the hairpins easily, I was wrong...... I rode behind them for 5-10 minutes as they would not let me pass knowing well I was there. I cut them off on a hairpin and thanked them for not letting me by, I was heated. Then backup for one more climb and a nice ride down High ridge until I saw those rings of a rattle snake tail, this on went right under my foot and I was like great here comes the hospital, it all happened so fast, luckily I didn't get bit, I turned around and got it off the trail and got a pic, first one of the season for me 3/30. Nice loop for alot of work under 2 hours!

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