Thursday, July 1, 2021

Black Hawking good!

OK so I was looking for a high altittude adventure without th drive to PC. So I went up Payons canyon early one moring to hit blackhawk and some others. I have ridden this trail 2x, I always remember it remote and alot of work. Well it turns out it still is! A fire ripped thru the area and was unsure if trails would be open so I was going to play it by ear. I started off on Blackhawk which is so lovely, it began to climb a heavy rate for my desert altitude, it opened into beauitful fields of flowers and smells that distracted me from a few sections I walked. The Trail then pedaled nicely and a few descents to the split, I dont remember there being options on blackhawk but appears there are two trails same name different number. I went left and was in awe of the regrowth after the fire and backdrop, every piece of trail was pure magic!

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