Friday, July 2, 2021

So good and so new!

Slightly cooler for this ride on Tuesday I couldn't help myself but had for Corner Canyon to hit the mix. I did a classic up Anns and over onto the other side where I took Levitate this time, the plan was to hit fang afterwards but I missed the access and glad I did. This put me on the eaglecrest trail heading eastward and the onto new to me Mercer Mountain, which was alot like fang and very good. Then a quick easy ride up to a never ridden trail as well, achtung. That trail was an absolute blast, flowy and fast =fun! I was pretty content with my trail bobble cause this shoulld have been the plan all along. Then a familiar long view and another new to me procupine trail. All great stuff to be finished up with a rush run.

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