Monday, August 22, 2022

NEW BIKE DAY!!!!!!! 2022 Specialized Fuse

So I got this frame back in March, I slowly pieced the parts with new and old together for a few months and was taking way too long. I guess I was excited but not that ambitious as I was taking classes and busy. Well the pieces of the puzzle were slowly assemble now that I am on break for a month. Building bikes are so much fun! New wheels, new brakes, new cranks, new rings, new pedals, new fork, new tires so sweet! I felt fairly confident in my handy work that I took it out Thursday for a shakedown ride. I was foolish to make it's first voyage around the mountain since once I reached the back side the axle came loose, the seatpost and the stem. The axle and stem then came loose again and I was not feeling that well. I was slow as heck and the vibe of new bike was fading as I began to climb Alpe. So much that I even had to walk a section, my heart was beating through my chest and I felt really off, which I soon realized was I was getting sick. The bike feels great, it feels so identical to my salsa timberjack it's like no point in having them both, which is fine cause I know I got it really good! I might have tightened thing for a 3rd time I can't remember but I am surprised how tight that rear axle needs to be.

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