Thursday, August 11, 2022

Screwing around the mountain

I was pretty torn on where to ride, if I drove to the goods up high I would loose ride time or take up family time. So it was easy to head back to Corner Canyon. I was climbing up Anns enjoying the scenery with the idea of trying out the new three falls trail. I got distracted on a few DH runs on that flowy greatness on the south side. Then a quick run on Fang and up longview and onto three falls. The trail was nothing wild, tons up uphill traffic, I was thinking I made a big mistake. I Made the falls, it was absolutely wonderful, crystal clear and even had a sandy bottom. That was worth it after dipping my face in. I was running tight on time but rode on to see the new trails ahead. Rode bodily harm, more effort and forbidden. I was kind expecting flow trails but they were great climby/descending trails with no jumps. I was running way behind and low on gas but enough left to get back up to the top of three falls to push hard down rush and to the car, so happy!

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