Tuesday, August 30, 2022

New frame day!

Well I got the new 2022 timberjack warrantied frame all back running, pretty good turnaround time too, I got the frame Saturday and Monday built it all up and it was ready for dirt. Headed for hawes a little excited about riding it, not excited how stinking hot it was though. These rides are starting to hurt. Off the bat, the bike just feels ever so slightly different, more head angle sicne it's at 66 now and steeper seat tube. I did notice it felt really slow climbing, to be fair the specialized felt slow climbing on the first few rides. By the time I got around to the Alpe climb I was wiped again! This it the thirs thursday in a row where I bonk. Extremely unusual but now it's consistant, my heart beats out of my chest but it's only at 160 which is normal for that climb but I just feel it differently. My head begins to hurt etc..., I had to stop 2x on Alpe which is just so abnormal for me. By the time I top off feeling back to normal. Had to tighten the slack on the headset but everything else held together quite well. I do need to tension up the spokes and get a taller seatpost and insulate the rear brake housing since it's making a racket. Disapointing ride to fee so slow and not well but I bet it will grow on me.

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