Thursday, April 20, 2017


So the plan was to loop around Hawes, I used an access rd that goes to the towers once which made for a great loop. When I pedaled from the rd to the gate I saw ATT guy locking up the gate, I turned round and decided that was not the way to go today since there are plenty of no trespassing signs. So I headed for Usery on the other side of the rd, luckily I didn't even need to move my car and headed right past it up Pass Mountain Access. never been on that section, it was not much to miss, but a dry pedalish ride thru a wash and then firm ground up the trail junction. Then I decided to head south and enter into the network for a loop. I must say it was actually kind of a nice way of doing the loop and was something different. I was feeling something I am not normally, I wanted more of a workout, I notice it more and more and I have never really felt that way. It's likely due to the weight I lost I figure. Feeling good but only as fast as one speed could carry me on flat trail I made a nice loop to end up back to the car with the time allotted and still meet the kiddo off the bus. Big changed to come this week in my garage, the YT is going to a new owner and the Kona has some interested buyers.

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