Thursday, April 20, 2017


The critter had off school friday so that ride was a flop but saturday was game time. I decided I wanted fresh meat and had to wake early to get it. F.I.N.S. was on the table and I liked what I read about it, it's a tight location with lots of trails built by bikers. They don't even allow horses there :) Completely confused by the spaghetti network I managed to hit the goods, it started off mellow and fast and then I got to Grunt, a nice climb up and down a ridge, it was quite awesome I will say. Then from there some others, nothing really stood out much but man it was nice to get out of my element and get lost. Although trail forks did a very good job keeping me in line. Kimurels hurl was quite fun, jumps and features, childs play but welcomed. I decided I had enough of FINS and wanted to sample Estrella on the way home so I closed it off after an hour. Not likely to go back since if I am traveling an hour I'd rather go to Browns or MCdowells but it was fun.

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