Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday wonky but good

Well thats all, the Kona and YT went on the same day, pretty happy about it to tell you the truth, I got out of losing more money and now I got a fat stash in the bank to explore my opportunities should I choose. Loving the space in my garage for sure, and also loving the sight of my lone Trek Superfly that I love so greatly. It really is all I need, when it comes time for another bike I will cross that road, after a few days of pondering my options I wanted a 130-140mm full suspension, and then I thought about a hard tail, one with gears and from suspension. I decided I will wait, maybe until 2018 when the latest greatest will come out. It could all change but for now I'm very happy with my one and only bike. I headed for San Tan with wonky legs from Tuesday, to my surprise I was feeling strong, the sun was hot at 93F but my body was feeling just fine. I rode the loops feeling very strong actually, looking forward to my legs healing fully and seeing what I can do to my personal records. I enjoyed this one, mostly spent my time just being happy with my bike.

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