Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mellow Road Ride

Sooooo Tuesday came and I went to play softball for the 2nd time, I got up to bat in the first inning and hit the ball and made the run for first base and blew out my Quads. Never have I ever felt this before, I was simply running and nearly was brought to me feet in pain. I continued to run the bases until I reached third and had to send in a runner for me. I felt like I had two dead legs from someone who punched me but it was not going away. It was painful and I tried to wait it out but ended up limping home in this strange pain. The pain went on for the next day but by the evening I tried out the road bike and pedaling looked like a good way to warm up the legs for thursday's ride. Turns out the legs were just fine, still upset but road riding didn't bother them at all, I lazily did 10 miles and then went about my night.

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