Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Monday Gnarny Gnar

Soooo I have had South Mountain on my mind for awhile, I was finally feeling up to the task Sunday so put on the 22 tooth gear and to South Mountain I went on Monday. As I got to pedaling I could feel the cozy differece of 20t vs 22t cog, it was nice and sure was going to make the climb so much easier. I rehashed some good memories on this trail, form my very first ride in AZ to a few memorable ones. I was undecided to do National all the way out and back or loop in Corona De Loma and Desert Classic. I somehow ended up with the Cornoa loop option. I knew I had some techincal work ahead of me but felt up to it. It was a rude awakening at times as I crawled down Corona carefully, this is a rare ride for poeple to do on a trail bike let alone a rigid so it always feels good to get down it. Had a few sketchy moments for sure as the trail always changes over time but I cleaned it nicely and it was a great ride back on cozy desert classic. Now when will I be back?

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