Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Weather rolls in

We have had a very very dry summer, ventually moisture was due to move in, it rained an absolute ton Monday morning and was done by 7am which was right about perefect. I looked forward to grippy conditions and whenI was rolling in I was greeted with DEEP puddles, low hanging branches and a familiar feeling of CT riding with humidity and wet trees. The sky was very dark ahead, but trails were dry and mudless as usual. The further I got in the more I could see how much the trails was altered from the heavy rains. Did not affect me though as I happily rolled in enjoying smells and sights of change. Stumbled across a horsey, sure was beautiful. Ran aross a pack of Javalinas and a deep stream crossing and the rear tire went flat. Overdue for a new tire and sealant, luckily a tube held enough air to make it back to the car. Tubes are usually pointless since there are so mnay thorns in the tires one never stays with air, but this time it was enough.

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