Monday, October 28, 2019

Mountain Monday

Ok so on Monday I had the bright idea to ride Nation from end to end, I have done this once before and it was rad for sure. So I headed up National from the lot and was missing Mormon but had my mind set on all of national and then my chain popped off. I put on my 32t cog and something with the drivetrain was not pleased after that, it had a cyclic noise and feeling on every revolution after that. I wasn't sure if I would follow thru with my plan and as I was getting texts from my wife I quickly began to realize my poor choice. I continued on knowing I was likely to bail at Telegraph pass and return via 3 different routes. So I got up National quite nicely but was missing the Mormon section. When I hit the lot I kept on climbing National not really remembering it was nice from there for a bit, then technical on and off as the towers grew closer. Then the chain came off agan..... Wishing I would lower the post I still rode some ridiculous stuff on my way to Telegraph. Once I got sight of the pass I fully enjoyed that last stretch. So from here I had Ranger, Kiwanis or telegraph to Desert Classic. Kiwanis and Ranger I have never rode and was hopeuful as I made that my choice. Kiwanis was terrible, what a bad idea, I got down it fine but it was one of the worst loss of elevation trails I have ever had to descend with lots of hopping off the bike. Made my way down the mountain on a few other trails and was anxious for pavement to start making my way back after a tough ride. I made my way to the canal and was very excited to be heading home. I had the bright idea of hopping back on the trail at the Beverly Canyon trailhead and then my chain would pop off both cogs and now I was wodnering if my drivetrain was going to make it, that never happened. It was pavement to the car on streets I have never been and worried about if my hub was limping or what was going on I was at the car and heading home.

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