Thursday, October 31, 2019

Now I can go watch Rampage

That favorite time of year rolls around once a year, the event of Rampage. I attended two of them some years back and I love to watch the show so I had notified my lady I was going to be into it for the afternoon. Leading up to it I was rooting for Storch and Zink, their runs didn't quite pan out and holy smokes was it a good show. Oh yea, my ride was fine and dandy. I got to watch 1/2 the show and then some broadcasting issues arose. I got back home and got to finish it, I went nuts after watchin Lacondeguys first run, I quickly forgot how many years I use to root for him but the last two years he just seemed a bit off his rampage game. But this year wow, he was on. So to wrap up my favorite, definitely both Lacondeguys runs, Strait was great to see him go wild, I think Rheeders run outshined Semenuks but overall good show!

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