Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Crickety Crack

Friday came as another beautiful day on the bike, I was doing the pinwheel loop and found the two little connectors, doesn't change much but give quick access to and from High noon to boths sides of stinger. All was pleasant until I was looking down whie riding and noticed a odd scratch I wanted to check out. After a close look that scratch was a crack in the top tube. My heart sank but quickly rebounded as I was fortunate it made it this long. This is the 2nd belltown I have cracked and likely my last, they just can't hold up to me. Sad to not have another one of Bob's home built beauties but happy for my time with them. I wondered if pedaling was safe. Given the location I felt ok about it, I figured if I took it easy I has the lower tube and head tube to back up a catastrophic heade tube snap to faceplant. I took it real easy and got back to the car and one piece and was not realy bummed, but anxious to get back on the Trek.

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