Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New bike day!!!!!!!!!!

It took me about an hour mondya afternoon to get the bike completely ready to roll except some internal brake cable routings. I took it for a test ride with zip ties and thanfully everything felt perfect fitwise and feelwise. The next morning I ran the cables and it was in business minus tire sealant, but the air held all night and I decided to roll the dice and take it out for it's maiden voyage! I ended up with I9 101 trail S wheelset and Tidell rigid fork, the rest came off the steel bike. On the trail it felt just a little tighter than my superfly, nothing to compalain about there. The bike felt very solid, and planted but I did notice it does like to pop and play and I like that since it climbs just about as good as anything else. Welcome to the stabe Salsa Timberjack, I love it, all murdered out! Felt pretty good I built it up from the frame without any help, not that a singlespeed is anything too challenging;)

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