Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Getting back to knowing the Superfly

Felt a litte wonky on Monday when I happily pedaled into Hawes on the Superfly. It felt just a little different most the ride but quite familiar. I had some chain sensations going on which made me veyr nervous as to the strength of it since I snapped my chain twice last week on the cracked bike. My mind was also on a new bike, I now down to one bike was really picturing what I wanted for a new bike. DO I need two not really, but for years I have been looking for the excuse to have to get some fresh new gear since my trek has served me tremendously for the last 5 years and will do for another 5 and beyond. My mind was on singlespeed obviously, which was santa cruz chameleon, specialized fuse, salsa timberjack. I have ridden all three in parking lots, the end result was the timberjack frame only option. Warantee is short but for the price of 450 it is a very fair risk worht taking. Specialized wanted twice that for their fuse and I could see for now good reson, plus I have always wanted to do business with salsa Luckily all was well and had a good ride on that that lightweight scalpel of a bike!

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