Thursday, May 7, 2020

#ilovehawes short course virtual race

Different bike different course this day. I don't know what I was thinking trying to lay down good time but the legs were in good condition and so was everything else so I went for it. I spun around the course pretty quick, I was wondering how my legs were better the next day after a 30 mile 3,000 vert the day before but I was on fire. I was on my trek now wth goo tire pressure which must have made some difference. I spun around the course pretty easily having to pull of for just a few users. When I got to the car I was 6th place overall out of 22 at the time. The end result after a few more days of people who are actualy racers I moved down the ranks at a still impressive to me 16th out of 68. I love that this was virtual, totally different than doing a real race or trying to win segments. I am not a competitive person but I think I would do this style thign again. I donated to the hawes trail alliance and look forward to my shirt and hat coming my way.

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