Thursday, May 7, 2020

That rock won round 1

Friday is here and am ready for the weekend off the bike. It seems that I could ride 7 days a week but my mind and body likes those two days off. I was connecting the dots for 20 miles and I on that awkward section for pedals on Magic Mountain I found my foot heavily clipped the rock on the right and with weight in the wrong spot I was instantly thrown to the ground. It hurt I lay face down not moving much for fear of anything badly damaged, after 5 seconds I got the bike off from the top of me and felt a good bit of burning coming from my arm. Turns out just some scrapes and cuts to my right arm and shoudler, and a brused side on my ribs. A little upset at a silly crash but I charged on as the blood dried itself and I looked forward to washing it out. I guess I got my once a year craash out of the way, seriously I never crash and so grateful to not be badly hurt.

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