Monday, August 17, 2020

Ahhhh Home

We absolutely love Park City and booked a place for us to stay up there for some fresh air and it turned out to be a great decision! I was armed with my bike for a morning ride and mapped out a ride plan. I was to ride from the place up Dubois nd Robs an then mid mountain over to olmpic and then Moose Puddle and yeti bak up etc. The air was thin and trails was relentless. I climbed and climbed throught maples, aspens and pines while sucking wind. It was breathtaking to be back in my favorite mountains. I reahed mid mountain and the olympic where I would loose all my vertical in a glorious twisting turning manner. Moose Puddle lasted awhile, it hurt knowing how far I had gone was going to have to be ridden back up on yeti. It was tiring but when I reached olmpyic I was pretty stoked. I was not so stoked when my plan to ride more of mid mountain had quite a bit of climbing. With time and legs on my side I slowly made my way towards red coat but missed the turn and ended up on a new to me trail called richochet. Which was a great descent option back to the Canyons village. Arm and fingers were on fire but made it down with a big ol grin on my face, big morning, 20 miles an 3300 ft.

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