Sunday, August 30, 2020

Final goodbye Thursday

The ride was fine but when I arrived home my Bowie was struggling. We did not expect him to make it thru the night, we wanted to do an in home euthanasia, but were forced to head for the vet. The family came and I mustered all the strength, courage and faith to walk thru that door to say our goodbye. It was horrifically tragic for me, i wanted to scream, I wanted to break thru a wall, I wanted to die. My brain was haywire in grief and arriving home was just impossible, I cried for hours, It's the most painful thing I have endured my entire lifetime, words can barely describe it as it just cut my heart. The last four days have been extremely challenging, battling tears, anger, frustration, sadness. I know it will change over time but for now it's painful, just so damn painful. I love your Bowie. Last night I lost my best friend, currently with a heavy heart and tear soaked eyes I’m so grateful for my time with him. Bowie’s heart was failing him, his heart filled with his and our adoring love, could hold no more. He blessed our lives and those he met for 11 incredible years, he came to us an unforgettable companion, we traveled the country, he swam in the mighty Colorado, he held our wedding rings on our special day, he protected his new born baby Landon, he chewed sticks, bossed Bentley around, pooped on the carpet, barfed in the bathroom. I love you Bowie with all my heart, I will never come home the same without you there, I will never ever forget you, thank you Bowie for sharing all your love and time with us on this challenging mortal earth. We will meet again in our perfect bodies and it will be glorious.

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