Friday, August 14, 2020

Stretching the legs on a quick one at spanish oaks

After long 10 hour drive I arrive in Spanish Fork at my inlaws. The wife and kiddo who flew were at the water park with cousins and uncle. That left me with a little bit of time. I saw some new trails of my trailforks at the canyon so I went for it. I got pedaling on paved path and my heart and lungs went thru the roof as I headed for dirt. I was very very happy to be out riding. The built some brand new trails and when I got to dirt it was steep freshly cut. I spoted a nice DH trail right next to me and plan was to hit it. I got distracted with another trail and then looped back and rode down the DH trail. Good stuff on a FS bike but fine on mine. I then dropped down kail trail which was rowdy and steep I loved it!

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