Monday, August 24, 2020

Even 75% can break stuff

So Monday rolled around and after a good weekend of rest from Utah I was ready to get back to it. I was on the salsa and could feel a click after replaceing a pedal. I tightened the chain and went on my way only for it to still be there I had a pretty good feeling it was the quick link which it turned out to be, after a quick fix I was on my way pleased with my readiness. However I was absolutely soaked in sweat from being idle in the sun, absolutely soaked from 5 minutes. Annoyed but lots of riding left I finished it up nicely and ran for a shower and AC, I hate you summer. My Bowie is not feeling well, he has this cough and his breathing in irregular, I took him to the vet that day and he has congestive heart failure and has not too much longer with us, I took it very very hard.

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