Sunday, December 11, 2016

Climby Saturday

The weekend has come, but unfortunately my bike has not, it looks like Monday it should be in the store. I am excited but surprisingly calm about the whole thing shockingly. I was excited to head to South Mountain with my bike bike to get rowdy, I was in a funk of a mood and was armed to release the trail with my fury. I hate that I can't find terrain to charge hard enough, I just want to go fast with this bike, I want to hit big jumps, don't get me wrong Phoenix area can offer some chunk but I can never fully release the YT Capra completely in the desert terrain. So I climbed up Mormon, lazier than normal but somehow set records, then down national. Always over too fast but a good time. The down Javalina which was bland for some reason. Then up Beverly and down the gnar to Desert Classic, whole crap I forget what suspension can do, honestly I feel like my wheels should not be able to stay round after I charge some chunk. Always astonished how this bike can climb, I will never get rid of this bike, I want to take it the the bike park sooooo bad! Did a lot of technical climbs today, I liked it.

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