Sunday, December 11, 2016


Off to Usery for my normal easy fast spin of the week. I decided part way in to switch up the mix of trails to bring in some new flavor, it turns out that it doesn't spice up the trail experience very much. But it did however seem faster, probably the fastest 18 miles under 90 minutes I have ever done on dirt. I have to say I was feeling pretty good this day, body was finally in tune where I like it, maybe I am finally adjusted to this low carb thing. Still I need was less teeth on my bike, I need to start experimenting with a smaller cog to help with the flats, I can say that 32x22 was just fine in Utah where you climb plenty, but here in the desert some places are flat. Not the end of the world either way, I am fine 32x22 for life as far as I am concerned as big if a diaper baby gear it is.

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