Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's here! Kona Unit

I was out in the morning goofing off with my kiddo and decided to give the bike shop a call since my Kona Unit was due to be in Monday and it was now Tuesday. I called and they told me they were drooling over it and it was ready to go, I am not sure why they liked it so much but once I got it I was quite pleased with the paint color and bike. The tires looked big and meaty and barking for a ride but that would have to come later. As the day wore on I had to figure out a way to get a ride in, so I decided after the boy went to sleep I would do 30 minutes on trail. I had enough time to setup tubeless before the ride and it went smoothly for the most part, there was seepage where the rim is fused and quite a few spoke holes, never had a rim do this but others had same result. For now I aired the tires up to 19psi and went out on a tougher gearing on 32X18 compared to my normal 32X22. Right off the bat it was so nice to be able to pedal and be going somewhere, the 22 tooth gear is a skinny one, great for long steep climbs, the benefits were obvious. The bike was super smooth, even for having no suspension the tires offered a supple ride. Then it cornered, and man did it corner, such confidence the turns could offer. I even enjoyed the cheap O hub and it's smooth engagements, the tired felt a little soft to me and going over rocks was nerve wrecking but no rim strikes. Just a tweak of the handlebars and more PSI and switch over my hydro brakes and this baby is ready for the desert!

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