Monday, December 26, 2016


Out on the Kona Unit again and looking to enjoy that 18 tooth cog. I have come to a decision that 20 tooth would probably be a nice sweet spot between riding a 18 and a 22 tooth. I must say though that 22 comes in handy on tough technical climbs and I could not conquer them without it, but spinning on the flats is slightly odd but I think I will stay with 18 and 22 cogs for now. The Unit was instantly feeling like a pig as I got it rolling, I am quite close to throwing a 29er wheelset I have in the garage and being done with 27.5+ I just don't care much for it, I'd rather go fast. The kona sure is a nice fit though, comfy steel ride and it loves to pedal. I did my normal maze of trail at Usery and enjoyed it.

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