Sunday, December 11, 2016


I was trying to figure just where to go on Monday as the kid happily went off on the bus to school. I can say I am fortunate to have options, about 4-5 options to be exact. I had in my head wanting to do something a little different and I took the chance at a populated San Tan. Now I frequent here 1-2 times a month so this is not out of the norm, but I do ride here less due to the fee and horse/people traffic. When I got to the lot it had normal amount of cars and I happily got climbing. My legs were absolutely funky as I began to climb, they did although happily warm up. A pretty normal loop around the place, came upon a bunch of kids having a session on a jump, about 10 or so, turns out they were missionaries. Just 3 groups of horses with happy encountering and some hikers. Good to see people out enjoying the trails.

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