Saturday, January 26, 2013

"got my balls back"

Got to git it while you can right. I must say I did not intend to ride today with having a little work to do and conditions. But when I felt slightly warm getting out of the car it made me think. It was when I put the boy down at 2pm for a nap that I knew he was going to be asleep for awhile and allow LuAnn to study and do her thing. So I geared up with a cotton t-shirt and a hooded sweaty and headed out with bike shorts over tights to ride the cooler temperatures. I had the dog tagging along as I chased him down the street in his fury of excitement. Hit trail and found conditions almost identical to Monday's, nice and frozen very very solid. Not far in I came across a stranger on a rigid SS Kona Unit that has been screaming my name for the last year, turns out he bought it from EMS where I had been eyeballing it for so long.He was lost and I offered him to come ride along and I guess it did not go to well since it was his second say on the bike and never been on rigid SS. I know all to well what that was like, especially at Nathan Hale. He felt bad i could tell that he was riding slower so we parted ways and on I went. I can say this trip out, heart and legs were in sync which felt tremendously better from last two rides. Came across some familiar faces and said a mild hello and was back off on a comfy lovely ride. Started to map out what I was going to do from there and mixed it up. Text the lady to see if Landon was still asleep and thankfully he was so I added another 30 minutes to the show. Passed two more bikers, pretty surprised to cross path with a few riders since 98% it feels I am the only one out there. Absolutely fantastic ride, really really good, gimmeee mooooooorrrrrreeeeee.

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